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psychic source reviewsIf you are looking for Psychic Source reviews, look no further. I am here to tell you why I love them. Psychic Source is one of my top go-to resources when it comes to finding reliable and legitimate psychic readings.

Time and time again, I have found the online readings to be invaluable in terms of answering questions about my life in all areas of love, career and finances.  I mean, these guys have been around since 1989 and you know that they wouldn’t be in business this long if they were not great.

Their online readings are top quality. Period. In the Psychic Source network, you have your choice of many fabulous psychics to choose from.  So if you are thinking of giving them a try, here are some reasons I suggest you do!

Overall Psychic Rating

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The Psychic Source network

In the Psychic Source network, you have hundreds of gifted and authentic Advisers to choose from that specialize in any area of advice you need: career, life, love, destiny, pets, finance etc. Yes, they even have pet psychics!! I was able to connect to my dear departed dog and it gave me so much peace!

You can choose from live psychic readings by phone or by chat. And if you don’t know who to pick, you can go visit their staff picks page for a selection of readers they recommend.

There are other types of readings as well. If you are into card readings then you are in luck! There is a wide range of readers who work with all kinds of cards — angel cards, tarot cards and even cartomancy, which is fortune telling done with just regular playing cards. Have you ever had a cartomancy love reading? It’s so much fun! And it can be most insightful.

They also offer clairaudient and clairsentient services – do you know what those are?

Clairsentience powers are impressive, these are psychics who simply receive information by sensing things, feeling things from the past, present and future and can tap into various emotional states of the energies that are out there. They can even sense things from and through physical objects, like houses, buildings or the objects in nature like trees and plants.

Clairaudience means that they can hear things that normal people can’t, including words, music or sounds that are communicated by the spirit world. A clairaudient psychic is also considered a channeler, or someone who channels. If you’ve ever heard someone say they are getting a “download,” that is what that means.

Are These Psychic Readers Legitimate?

Many sites will advertise psychics that they have not tested out so beware! I can tell you that Psychic Source has gone to a lot of effort to find the best psychics out there today and that they screen them very carefully. So you don’t need to worry about getting scammed! These guys are the real deal.

You can try one out right now for very little investment as they have a great deal going – $1 per minute! And the first three minutes are FREE with your paid reading. And they offer a No Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! So give it a shot.

What type of Reading is Right for Me?

To get the most out of your psychic reading, make sure you learn as much as you can about the different types of psychics and card readers so you find just the right match. Mediums are good to work with if you are looking to get in touch with a departed loved one. Tarot card readings are good if you need some help with your purpose or have questions about your destiny and you want to get in touch with your Higher self.  Or if you are looking for some help with the timing of events in your life, look for an astrologer.

Whatever type of reading you need, Psychic Source is the place for you.

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