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Asknow – Best Online Psychics?

Are you looking for the best online psychics? Then look no further than AskNow, which is the nation’s premier psychic network! I love it and use it all the time. It’s been around for a good long while, since 2004, and has been helping people like you and me resolve many of life’s ups and downs! T

ruly gifted advisors at AskNow can answer our most burning questions about our love life, our careers, our finances and more so we can make the right decisions for ourselves and lead happier more fulfilled lives.

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Overall Psychic Rating

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AskNow has the answers! They have a very large network of talented and gifted psychics advisors that live around the country and they are able to connect with you 24/7, day or night, at your convenience and when you are most in need of help.

Just go to their site and they will show you a list of psychics who are available by phone or by chat and with one click, you can get the advice you need right away!

Is the website easy to use?

Before you get overwhelmed by the amount of advisors they have, I want to tell you that AskNow is very easy to use and their website is super easy to navigate. All you do is go to the Psychics page and choose a psychic from the people that are available.

Or if you want some more options, simply hit the “filter” button and choose a psychic depending on the category of services you need, such as love and relationship, money and finance, career and goals etc.

You can also choose to connect with other types of clairvoyants like tarot card readers, numerologists, astrology readers or even past lives specialists. And the best part is that you can choose the type of advisor that works for your price range! There are three kinds:  Top Rated Advisors, Elite Advisors and Master Advisors.  So you really have no reason to not check this out right now!

Free Horoscope Readings

AskNow is also very well known for their Astrology readings. You can get your free horoscope readings emailed to you daily which is very convenient or you can go straight to the expert and get a great reading from a very gifted astrologer! I know, you might be asking, is astrology real? Yes!! Astrology has helped me many times throughout my life in seeing what events are coming up in my future, discovering my deepest personality traits and aspects of myself I never knew!

I once had an astrology compatibility reading to find out which signs I get along with best. It also helped me avoid certain personality types in my love life, too. I definitely should not date Scorpios! But more importantly, it can help you navigate the twists and turns of your life as they happen around the cycle of the planets including the moon. It is fascinating stuff!

Are You Ready for Free Psychic Reading?

AskNow makes it super easy to get started. They are even offering a FREE 5 minute psychic reading with the purchase of an introductory package. The introductory offers start at $1 per minute and you have several to choose from: $30 for 30 minutes, $20 for 20 minutes or $10 for 10 minutes. You fill out a brief form online and you are all set to go!

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