Who Is Really A Psychic Medium

Psychic medium

Not all psychics are mediums but all mediums do have psychic abilities. Psychic mediums usually inherit the gift through their family lines. A lot of psychic mediums have the gift upon being reincarnated from previous lives with the same gift.When one is a psychic medium they can validate information from an entity or spirit to a person sitting for the reading. They can do this through channeling. The psychic medium can be in a complete trance or in an altered state of consciousness where they are still conscious to conduct a reading. For example, a psychic medium can tell you specific things in relation to you and a dead relative.

The spirit of the relative that the psychic medium is communicating with, will give her or him information that only the person sitting for the reading would know. A psychic medium can validate the afterlife with the information she is given and relays to the person getting the reading. The purpose of a psychic medium is to create healing energy for the people involved with the reading so they can continue on their life’s journey in a better way. When dealing with a psychic medium there are certain guidelines a sitter (the person being read) can follow to help validate the experience. First off it’s okay to say yes or no in response to the validity of a message being transmitted. There are definite signs you can pick up on to see if the reading is legitimate or if it’s a cold reading.

A cold reading is done by someone who can read body language such as facial expressions and uses it to his advantage to pass off information as a psychic. As for fishing this is the grand tell tale sign. Don’t give any information to the person conducting the reading, many professional fakers know how to get information from you and before you realize it, it’s too late. The first warning sign that a psychic medium may not be legit is for them to tell someone they have a curse on them and it needs to be removed for a fee. No true psychic will take away your free will. It is up to you to seek help or not. Removing a curse is not going to miraculously change ones life. Another tells tale sign of a fake is when they say they have information for you but you have to pay for it.

Beware of Padding. This is when the Psychic medium bestows too many words of wonderment in relation to you and the great beyond or any family that is there. If life wasn’t that way with the person death won’t be either. The same thing applies to those psychics whom can dial up the other side at will and talk to whom ever you want them to. A true psychic medium has to go through a process to channel properly to establish a line of communication with the other side. This also goes for what is called psychic attacking or luring. This is when you didn’t ask for a reading and the person starts to read you.

A true psychic medium and there are some really good ones, has developed their gift on a serious level. They have learned the art of trance and know how to use it. There are those psychic mediums that totally become in a trance or total unconscious state to allow the spirit or entity to control their physical being. There are others who control their conscious state by not completely being in a trance and use the help of a spiritual guide to conduct readings with tools such as tarot cards. If one is a true psychic medium there is an aura about them that lets you know by the way they conduct themselves that they are the real thing.