Psychics And Astrology – The Relationship, Differences And How They Can Help You

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As a psychic, I have met many people who have posed the question, “How Astrology is related to psychics?”Many clients come to meet their psychic with details about their birth chart, sun signs and so on. If you are interested in psychics, the power of your psychic ability and astrology, it is a must to understand the relation between these two similar but vastly different areas of physics and how they relate to each other.

Let’s first analyze psychic ability. A psychic gains information about his/her client only with the help of spiritual methods. When a psychic does a reading over the phone or in person, the training, experience and intuitive awareness help him/her to focus on the energy radiated by the client. Thereby, gaining information and sensing details of the problems faced by the client. All this happens without the psychic or clairvoyant knowing any details about the client.

It is a sublime spiritual experience. The details and imagery a psychic receives have nothing to do with the body language, vocal tone or any other information about the client. Most psychics know next to nothing about the client initially. The information provided by a genuine psychic will help you take the right decisions and propel you on the right path forward. It will give you a clear picture when you are in the midst of a difficult situation.

Now, let’s talk astrology. Astrology is an analytical science that is based on the alignments of astronomical bodies in space. It is considered as the oldest science known to mankind. It is said that even huge Fortune 500 companies make major decisions after consulting their in-house astrologer.

Let’s clear some misconceptions. When talking astrology, I don’t speak about the regular sun sign based horoscopes that are abundantly found everywhere. Right from the column on your daily newspaper to thousands of online predictions, you come across these everywhere. These are the major culprits in creating a bad, unsavory image about astrology. They are generic and can actually be harmful. For example, if you have a habit of reading the sun-signs in your newspaper and go about your day, expecting it to turn out just like in the paper, you are seriously limiting your spiritual awareness.

Now we come to the big question. Do you need a Psychic or an astrologer?

The answer depends on what you wish to fulfill from the reading. An astrologer is good if you are concerned about the big picture. You can get answers to questions like what is your life all about, patterns that can be found in your life.

What must you be wary of? However never use some form of watered-down astrological predictions to make judgments and decisions. You would have often come across someone or even yourself saying, “I am a Cancer and he is a Taurus, so we are not compatible”. Most experienced astrologers will confirm that these types of assumptions have nothing to do with astrology.

So if you decide to tread on the path of an astrologic reading, make sure that you choose the right professional astrologer who has sufficient experience under his belt to guide you on the right path.

Just like you would choose a doctor or any other professional, make sure you choose the right astrologer who is in demand. Check up reviews online and pick the right person for your reading.

Some psychics use astrology to help them, while some astrologers use psychic awareness. However, both, astrology and psychic ability are not the same.
The methods employed and the tools used vastly vary. So ultimately it all depends on what you want to gain from your reading.